Objects of privatization

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Joint Stock Company «NAC «Kazatomprom»

Legal address

Republic of Kazakhstan Astana, Kunaeva str., 10

% for sale



Pre-sale preparation

Main participants and their shares

Samruk-Kazyna JSC - 100%

Information about the object

  • Kazakhstan national uranium producer and nuclear fuel components;
  • The world leader in uranium production, producing more than 21% of uranium in the world;
  • It plans to diversify into all parts of the pre-reactor nuclear fuel cycle:
    • Extraction of uranium;
    • Production plant (UO3), fluoride production (UF6);
    • Uranium enrichment;
    • Production of uranium dioxide powder;
    • Production of fuel pellets;
    • Production of fuel assemblies.
  • Recognized leader in uranium exports:
    • The largest uranium supplier to China, France, USA;
    • A customer base with a significant presence in Asia, a market with high growth rates.