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Joint Stock Company «Almaty Electric Power Plants»

Legal address

Information about the object The company provides electricity to Almaty city and 9 districts of Almaty region. To date, more than 2.5 million people use the EFA At the moment, the Company's balance sheet includes: 220/110/35 / 10-6 / 0.4 kV transmission lines with a total length of 29225.4 km; 209 substations with transformers of 6 946.5 MW; 6 995 TP with a voltage of 6-10 / 0.4 kV. Over the period 2007-2014, with the support of the city Akimat, JSC "AJK" in Almaty, more than 30 substations have been built and reconstructed. The overall increase in throughput was more than 3,000 MVA. Creation of a ring of 220 kV transmission lines around Almaty is completed. The «Besagash» substation was constructed with an installed capacity of 500 MVA from 220 kVSPS Besagash-Yermensay-ATEC-3. The main consumer of the transmission and distribution of electricity through the networks of JSC "AJK" is LLP "AlmatyEnergoSbyt" (about 95% of the total volume of the transfer), a sales company that is a guaranteeing supplier of electricity to the population Main activities Transmission and distribution of electric power in Almaty and Almaty region Design capacity of the enterprise by main types of products Territory of service - 105,4 thousand km ²; The length of the power transmission line is 29,225 km; production capacity - 3,069 million kW / h; Number of consumers - 480 thousand individuals, 5 - legal entities; The structure of AJC includes: 15 RES, 211 PS, 6 989 transformer substations.

Authorized capital

30,21 billion tg

Contact person of the project office

Tasmagambetov Dauren Bulatovich
+7 (7172) 55-92-81

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Pre-sale preparation

Main participants and their shares

JSC Samruk-Energo 100%

Information about the object

JSC "AlES" carries out the production of heat and electric energy in the city of Almaty and Almaty region. JSC "AlES" provides electricity and heat to about 70% of consumers in the Almaty region, is a natural monopoly in the production of thermal energy and a market entity that has a dominant position in the production of electricity.

  • The organizational structure of JSC "AlES" includes 8 production divisions:
    • 3 stations of CHPP,
    • 2 hydroelectric power stations,
    • West-thermal complex (ZTK),
    • Production and repair enterprise "Еnergyrepair" (PRP),
    • The center of fuel reception and unloading (CPVT).
  • The installed capacity of electric power is 1 239 MW, heat energy - 3,814 Gcal

Main activities

  • Heat and power generation