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Тендер по передаче в доверительное управление с правом выкупа АО «Финансовая академия»

The tender for transfer to trust management with the right of redemption of Financial Academy Academy JSC will be held on November 27, 2018 at 10:00 Astana time, on the site

The starting price is 3 603 990 000 tenge.

Guarantee fee for bidders - 540,599,100 tenge.

The main activity of the Financial Academy JSC is the provision of educational services.

Entrepreneurs, investors and foreign partners in Kazakhstan are invited to take part in the privatization process.

Tender (competitive) conditions:

1. During the period of trust management, the preservation and development of the core profile of activity, quantitative and qualitative human resources potential, the achievement of key indicators of the Development Plan of Financial Academy JSC and the total amount of educational services in the amount of at least 959,500,000 tenge per year (college, bachelor, master , doctoral studies, retraining and advanced training), as well as investment of investments by the Trustee, ensuring the implementation of the investment program of Financial Academy Academy for 2017–2021;

2. Ensuring the timeliness and completeness of the accrual and payment of dividends on the Share Package in accordance with the law;

3. Preservation and development of distance learning in the period of trust management;

4. Preservation and development of international cooperation in the framework of network education in accordance with memorandums and joint action plans with the use of distance learning;

5. The trustee in the period of trust management is not entitled to make decisions on the alienation and pledge of the Company's immovable property;

6. Not to allow, without coordination with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an increase in the size and order of payment for education under the concluded contracts.